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Minutes from the Committee Meeting on 8/3/2008

Agenda EC Meeting Minutes
Aug 3, 2008

Monday, August 04, 2008 14:28:00


a.Time: August 3, 2008 5pm

b.Place: MC Tsai’s Andover residencev

c.Attendance: CH Chang, RP Chen, NN Ko, SC Hsu, MH Wang, MC Wang, R Wang, B Wang, J Jaw, TK Liu, MW Liu, J Ko, MC Li, TL Tsai, MC Tsai


a.Email address kept at around 130 man count for New England NCKU Alumni Association.

b.Ex President of NCKU Wu Jin past away Jan. 15 in Taiwan.

c.Global NCKU meeting Jan 14-18 in San Diego, CA. TK Liu and NN Ko reported the meeting experience. They were very impressed by the NCKU’s global alumni organization and the success of the San Diego Cruise.

d.Dr. Henry Lee’s visit Jan 31.

e.VP Feng visit on July 24-30. We had a small gathering on July 25 at May Flower Restaurant. VP Feng noted had a good meeting with MIT provost and will invite NCKU President Lai to come meet with President of MIT some time when there’s progress between the NCKU-MIT cooperation materializes.

f.Prof. Chen MH talk at GBCCA had a conflict with our meeting.

g.Outstanding Alumni recommendation was late, but will proceed.

3.Annual meeting

a.Date: Dec. 6, Saturday, 5:30pm

b.Place: Yangtze River Restaurant, Lexington, as the first choice. The second choices are May Flower of Cambridge or Green Tea at Framingham.

c.Program: Ko, Liu, Chang will help.

d.Student members: Mr. Ko promised to keep the tradition of free invitation to all student members.


a.NCKU.NET includes New England chapter. It’s a very powerful tool for the alumni association.

b.RP Chen will maintain the website and keep up the posts of activities for the New England link.

5.Global alumni meeting

a.Liu TK will lead the exploration effort of 2014 Global NCKU Alumni Meeting at Boston feasibility study.


a.If President Lai is coming to Boston area, please let us know the time and the goal as soon as possible so that we can coordinate the brother organizations such as Monte Jade New England Association and New England Association of Chinese Professional to host and welcome President Lai.

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